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At the centre of Europe, Bratislava lies at the southwestern edge of Slovakia, a few minutes' drive from Austria and Hungary. On both banks of the Danube River, and close to the Carpatian mountains, Bratislava is the largest city in Slovakia and its capital, with a population of 450,000. Rich in the history of several Central European cultures, Bratislava offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities, supported by inexpensive shopping, top quality hotels in Bratislava and very good restaurants.
Top 10 in Bratislava
If you're planning a trip to Slovakia's capital, definitely don't miss the top sites and places of interest that make Bratislava remarkable. Stroll the streets of the city from the historic Old Town Hall to the modern UFO Bridge. No visit to Bratislava would be complete without visiting all these attractions.
  1. Bratislava Castle
  2. St. Martin's Cathedral
  3. Old Town Hall
  4. Primate's Palace
  5. Michael's Gate
  6. Grassalkovich Palace
  7. Blue Church
  8. Slavin
  9. Synagogue
  10. UFO Tower
Shopping in Bratislava
Shopping in Old Town
The beautiful streets of historical Old Town Bratislava are lined mostly with shops offering the finest luxury merchandise, and priced accordingly. An adjacent section of central Bratislava, focused around Obchodna ulica, offers a very different mix of shops, mostly inexpensive.

Street markets in Bratislava
You can find them mostly outside of Old Town but are still easily reachable, if you are there in the right season don't miss them!

Shopping malls and shopping centres
There are four shopping centres in Bratislava, all of which designed in the style of shopping malls that have sprung up around the world in recent decades. Their specific style and attractions differ slightly, but all will feel familiar. Each has a cinema, numerous cafes and restaurants (some of which are exceptionally good), a food court, a grocery supermarket and approximately 50 to 100 conventional services and shops, most of which specialise in clothing. In addition, each of the four offers certain special features:

  • Polus (close to sports stadiums) – cinemas, special events; easiest access by public transportation
  • Aupark (across the Danube from Old Town) – cinemas, bowling, indoor water play area, spa, special children's attractions in summer; relatively easy access by city bus
  • Avion (close to Bratislava Airport, on the edge of town) – IMAX cinema, ice skating rink, special indoor children's attractions; very easy parking
  • Soravia Palace – (close to Zlate Piesky beach, on the edge of town) – newest mall, with especially active special events; easy parking and moderately easy access by public transportation
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Food,Drink & Nightlife
Bratislava offers an exceptional food experience, explore the many stylish cafes, bistros, and restaurants with cosy atmosphere, and original homemade specialities ranging from heavenly comfort foods to super healthy vegan meals, great coffee, as well as creative cocktails.

Discover brand-new and well-established restaurants, the best community spots, funky little cafes with homemade products and underground night joints, where you can meet the local trendsetters, be it in design, art, music, food or fashion.
Bratislava has been known for centuries mainly as a town of vineyards, winemakers and beer joints.

After the sun goes down, Bratislava truly comes alive. The clubbing scene is lively. Find an intimate spot where you can sip a dry martini whilst having a great conversation for hours, or choose a more vivid bar, where you can dance wildly into the early hours. Rumours have it that visitors of Vienna get often lured to cross the border to party at the Bratislava's hotspots, which can be found in the Old Town scattered across the Michalská, Obchodná and Ventúrska streets as well as Hviezdoslavovo and SNP squares.

Chill by day and smokin' hot at night, Bratislava is fast earning a reputation as one of Central Europe's best youth scenes.

Visiting Bratislava with children
Bratislava is not accidentally considered one of the best cities in Slovakia for a family holiday. There are many options and places to visit with your children in Bratislava.

1) Bratislava Zoo: One of the largest zoos in Europe, which has become home to hundreds of wild animals, is in Bratislava. Graceful cheetahs, big lions and bears, dexterous monkeys and pandas which create affection, are just some of the wildlife that you can see at the zoo.

2) Dino Park Bratislava. This park was positioned in the forest. Here among the trees, there are beautiful dinosaur mock-ups, from very small ones to ones amazing in scale. Many come to this park specifically to take spectacular and memorable photos. For children here, very interesting cognitive excursions take place, during which they are told about prehistoric animals. A lot of impressions are guaranteed to all visitors from walking around the colourful Dino park.

3) Lanoland: This amusement park is also located on the territory of a charming park. It offers to visitors, unusual attractions designed from ropes. There are reasonably complex obstacle courses, and simple attractions, that will be interesting to see in action, even for children.

4) Stm Muzeum Dopravy: This museum offers visitors a collection of retro cars and motorcycles, as well as trains that are installed on its open area. During the tour, visitors to the museum can sit inside some cars, as well as look inside the old trains, in which the pristine environment was carefully preserved. Old carts with chests, cars and trains painted in bright colours, as if descended from old photographs - these unusual artifacts are sure to please children.

5) Natural History Museum: One of the few museums in the country in which you can see a huge mammoth mock-up, unique finds of archaeologists and very unusual installations dedicated to living nature. The exposition of this museum is very diverse; its halls feature ancient national costumes and household items.

6) Space World entertainment centre: Enjoys great popularity among tourists with older children and young people. It offers a type of entertainment that is gaining popularity - a kind of "laser paintball", to its client. Armed with laser guns, you can have a great time here. In the center, there are also several gaming halls of different levels of complexity. In addition to the playgrounds for laser games in the entertainment center, there are game rooms with table tennis and billiards, and in the center, an amazing cafe. It is also worth noting that the entertainment complex Space World is one of the most modern in the city. It is very effectively decorated and is distinguished by first-class sports equipment.
Top Events in Bratislava 2019
Many events happening through out the year in Bratislava. If you are there, it would be a great experience for you to join any of these events!

1. Bratislava Coronation Days - June 2019

We shall commemorate the glorious past of Bratislava this year with a series of events. Residents and visitors to the city will be able to enjoy the coronation atmosphere through cultural events, theater performances, concerts of sacred music, worship, period music and games.

2. Cultural Summer and the Castle Festival - June - September 2019

The biggest city festival called Cultural summer and the Castle festival turns Bratislava into a stage full of multi-genre programmes every year. This event lasts the whole summer season and it will surely liven up your stay in Bratislava. New projects will be prepared from the beginning of June, but regular festival highlights such as Knights at Devín Castle, Music Square at Hlavné námestie, Festival EUROVEA, The International Guitar Festival, The Organ Festival at the Cathedral, Cultural Summer with Minorities and many more will also take place. If you're a music fan, you'll appreciate time-tested cycles like Music on the Danube or World Music at St. Martin's Cathedral. For film, literature and sport lovers the Travelogue movies, the Summer open-air reading area at the Red crayfish, International Bratislava or Bratislava-inline will be prepared. In summer, Bratislava will simply amaze you.

3. Summer Shakespeare Festival - July - August 2019

The Summer Shakespeare Festival is the oldest and biggest open-air festival in Europe presenting works by William Shakespeare. The Festival takes place from the beginning of July to the beginning of August on open-air scenes in Bratislava (Bratislava Castle).

4. Craftsmen Days ÚĽUV - August 2019

The streets of Bratislava's Old Town will host the biggest city festival Craftsmen Days ÚĽUV (Centre for Folk Art Production) for the 27th time. Traditional crafts and homemade products, which are the main attraction of the festival, will be presented by the craftsmen through direct demonstrations and you'll be taken back to the rich history of Slovak crafts. Craftsmen Days ÚĽUV are very popular among the youngest as well, so if you're planning to visit Bratislava with your children, it's definitely worth combining your trip with this event.

5. Bratislava Music Festival - September - October 2019

If you're a fan of classical music, we highly recommend visiting Bratislava during this period. The 54th Bratislava Music Festival is the most important and most prestigious international festival in Slovakia with a long tradition (1964). The Bratislava Music Festival is an annual presentation of the artistic prowess of renowned international orchestras, conductors and soloists as well as Slovak artists in dramaturgically interesting programmes.

6. White Night (Nuit Blanche) - October 2019

White night is the largest and most visited festival of contemporary art in Slovakia. It is one of the most beautiful autumn events in Bratislava, where you can experience an nontraditional artistic walk through the night city, full of experiences and new perceptions. During one Saturday in October, the night becomes day and the streets of the city fill up with people and art. Each visitor gets an artistic map that guides him or her through various art spots: visually attractive installations, concerts, films, various theatre plays, dances, literature and live performances.



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