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Fly to Cyprus with us again!

It's time to dive into Cyprus's crystal waters again and enjoy the island's golden-sand beaches. Time to relax on a sunbed by the sea. To taste the island's exceptional Mediterranean cuisine.

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Fly to Cyprus with us again!
The skies are open again!
Cyprus from an Adventurous Point of View
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Cyprus Sun and Sea
Discover Cyprus Wondreful beaches!
A perfect combination of Sun and Sea in Cyprus!

Discover rural Cyprus!
You will fall in love with Cyprus country side!
Discover Cyprus beautiful villages,rivers,wineries,churches and many more!

Be active in Cyprus!
Cyprus is ideal for many activities!
Water sports,Golf,Cycling,Climbing,Sailing,Diving and many more!

Cyprus has so many places to visit! From historical monuments and castles, to archaeological sites and beautiful beaches with clear waters!

Here are the top places you must explore when visiting Cyprus:

1) Larnaka
  • Larnaka Phoinicoudes beach front
  • Ayios Lazaros Church
  • Hala Sultan Tekke
  • Salt Lake
  • Pierides Museum
  • Kamares:The Old Aqueduct of Larnaka
  • Choirokitia Archaelogical site
2) Limassol

  • Limassol Marina
  • Limassol Castle
  • Limassol Zoo
  • Municipal Park
  • City Centre
  • Prokymea Sculpture Park (Molos)
  • Old Port
  • Archaeological site of Kourion
  • Mount Olympous
3) Paphos

  • Medieval Paphos Castle
  • Paphos Zoo
  • Paphos Harbour
  • Tombs of the Kings
  • Kato Paphos Archaeological Park
  • Aphrodite's Rock - Petra tou Romiou
  • Adonis baths
  • Minthis Golf Resort
4) Nicosia

  • Ledra Street
  • Famagusta gate
  • Venetian fortifications
  • Kykkos Monastery
  • Athalassa National forest park
  • Leventis Museum
  • Machairas Monastery
  • Russian Church - Episkopio Village
  • Cyprus Museum
Cyprus Nature
Blessed with the beauty of nature's best palette, the scenery of Cyprus unfolds across glittering coasts, rolling mountains, fragrant forests and rugged headlands. From the warm shores of the mainland to the unspoiled and cool oasis of the Troodos mountain range, nature lovers, artists, photographers and explorers will all delight in meeting shy creatures, and discovering rare plants that peep out amidst waterfalls, coves, woodland, winding trails and secluded sandy beaches.

As the island is on the migration path between Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus is a birdwatchers dream, with flocks of flamingos frequenting the salt lakes, and many other significant species passing through or nesting. And deep in the forests, the national animal - the Mouflon - roams freely, with catching a glimpse of this timid, wild sheep a real treat for locals and visitors alike.

Exotic and rare forms of wildlife also give Cyprus a special touch. Green and Loggerhead turtles breed on the island's sandy beaches in summer, while the Mediterranean Seal and dolphins have also been seen swimming in the warm, calm, crystal clear seas of the island.

Botanists and herbalists will equally appreciate the island's green side, with a large number of local herbs and endemic plants, including the Cyprus orchid, tulip and crocus waiting to be stumbled upon along winding nature trails and paths less travelled.

From stunning sunrise to breathtaking sunset, the natural allure of Cyprus is both magnificent and inspiring… and all waiting to be uncovered.
Sun and Sea
Few feelings can compare to that of sinking your toes into warm sand… of the sun kissing your skin, and your senses taking in the fresh, salty breeze and the endless views of glittering blue waters.

This idyllic scene is one that can be enjoyed for the most part of the year on the island of Cyprus, and one that offers a myriad of experiences, from the total relaxation of sunbathing with drink in hand, to the thrill and challenge of trying a new water sport..

From secluded bays, to lively resorts and sandy beaches to rocky coves, the island's expansive coastline is home to a variety of different-style beaches; each unique in its appearance and the facilities it offers.

Here are the best beaches you must visit in Cyprus:

  1. Konnos Bay - Protaras
  2. Fig Tree Bay - Protaras
  3. Nissi Beach - Ayia Napa
  4. Coral Bay - Paphos
  5. Mackenzie beach - Larnaka
  6. Phoinicoudes beach front - Larnaka
  7. Cape Greco - Ayia Napa
  8. Makronissos Beach - Ayia Napa
  9. Lara Bay - Akamas
  10. Serena Bay - Protaras
  11. Paramalli Beach - Limassol
  12. White Rocks - Governors Beach Limassol
  13. Ladies Mile - Limassol
Food and Drink
Cyprus Mediterranean cuisine is another reason you must this beautiful island!

The ritual of sharing good, fresh local cuisine is an important part of the island's culture, and is intrinsically linked with every social event, from family gatherings and special occasions to religious festivals… each marked with its own distinct delicacies and recipes. From hearty meat dishes and specialty cheeses to unique desserts of carob and grape, the Cypriot cuisine is an exotic blend of Greek and Middle Eastern cultures, sprinkled with remnants of ancient civilisations such as indigenous Roman root vegetables or old Phoenician delicacies. And it is no secret that the 'Mediterranean diet' is considered to be of the healthiest, thanks to its abundance of heart-healthy olive oil, pulses, lean meat, local herbs and freshly grown fruits and vegetables. Add to this the favourable climate - that gives the fresh produce its intense flavour - and a celebration around every corner, complete with special treats, and you will find a big gastronomic adventure awaits on this tiny island!
Synonymous with Cypriot cuisine is the 'meze' - a variety of small dishes that combine to create a feast, and a good starting point to become acquainted with the local dishes, such as moreish dips, braised, stewed and clay-cooked meats; local, freshly caught fish; pulses and legumes in various sauces; specialty cheeses and delicatessen cuts, and more unusual bites, all authentically prepared.

And if you are visiting the island during a festival or holiday period, an amazing array of treats and dishes unique to the event appear to mark the occasion, often made by the women of the family, who gather together on specific days to share in the traditions passed down from generation to generation…and that remain today so that both locals and visitors alike can continue to enjoy, savour and share the mouth-watering, appetising, fragrant and abundant everyday experience that Cypriot cuisine!
Visiting Cyprus with children
If you are looking for a destination to have great time for you and your children, then visiting Cyprus is a great idea!

Cyprus can combine many kinds of entertainment for children and gives you many choices and places to choose from.

Here are some of the most important things you can do with your children when visiting Cyprus!

1) Larnaka:

  • Museum of Natural history
  • Mucicipal Gardens of Larnaka
  • Playgrounds - Wow action park, Chocoland, Fun Factory
  • Camel Park - Mazotos
  • Golden Donkey Farm - Skarinou
  • Larnaka beachfront Phoinikoudes
  • Kition Planetarium
  • Paliatso adventure park - Ayia Napa
  • Yellow submarine - boat trips - Ayia Napa
2) Limassol:

  • Municipal Park
  • Municipal Zoo
  • Watermania waterpark - Fasouri
  • Sayious Adventure Park
  • Arizona Indoor Adventure Park - Episkopi
  • Oasis Luna Park
  • My Mall Limassol shopping centre
  • Galactica entertainment centre
  • The Archimedes Museum
  • The Cyprus Theatre Museum

3) Paphos:

  • Paphos Zoo
  • Kings Avenue Mall
  • The Aphrodite waterpark
  • Horse riding Paphos
  • Paphos Atlantis Cruises
  • Paphos Luna Park
  • Cosmic World bowling and game
4) Nicosia

  • My mall Nicosia - There are 3 shopping malls in Nicosia city
  • Melios Zoo
  • Athalassa National Park
  • Papafilippou indoor adventure park and ice cream
  • Extreme - children theme park
  • Shadow theatre museum
Events in Cyprus
With so much happening around the island, there is always an event that will interest you. Discover the current and forthcoming,local, cultural, musical, sporting and social events taking place, and view event information, photos and videos on the links below:

During your visit in Cyprus you can attend :

  • Live concerts of Cypriot, Greek and other artists
  • Theatrical shows
  • Beach parties
  • Painting exhibitions
  • Traditional and cultural events
  • Festivals
  • Sport events
  • Nightclub and bars eve
  • Carnival parades
Shopping in Cyprus
If you are travelling and you want to have many shopping options, then Cyprus is an ideal destination!
With 5 Shopping Malls in 3 cities and many shopping streets, you have unlimited shopping options in Cyprus!

Here are the best places for shopping in Cyprus:

1) Nicosia
  • 3 Nicosia Shopping malls
  • Makariou street
  • Ledras street
  • Themistokli Dervi street
  • Stasikratous street
2) Limassol
  • Limassol shopping mall
  • Aneksartisias street
  • Limassol Marina
  • Cyprus premium outlet
3) Paphos
  • Kings Avenue Mall
  • Old Harbor street
  • Old Town Market
  • Tombs of the Kings avenue
  • Aneksartisias Avenue
4) Larnaka
  • Ermou street
  • Era Zenon Department Store
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Zinonos Kitieos street
Religious Tourism
Cyprus is a small island with a long history and a rich culture that spans 10.000 years, making it one of the oldest civilisations in the Mediterranean - as evidenced by the many fascinating cultural sights, museums, monuments and galleries. Situated at the crossroads of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - the island's unique geographic position has played an important part in its turbulent past since antiquity. Its Prehistoric Age inhabitants were joined 3,500 years ago by the Mycenaean Greeks, who introduced and established their civilisation, thus permanently instilling the island's Greek roots. Many other cultures followed thereafter, including Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and British, who all left behind visible remnants of their passage, and have thus created a mosaic of different cultures and periods.

As such, the island is an open-air museum of prehistoric settlements, classical Greek temples, Roman theatres and villas, Early Christian basilicas, Byzantine churches and monasteries, Crusader castles, Gothic cathedrals, Venetian fortifications, Moslem mosques, and British colonial-style buildings. The old ways of life, customs and traditions are still beautifully preserved in the rural villages, and interesting elements of the island are captured in the many museums and galleries.

It is not surprising then that UNESCO includes a number of the island's sights on its list of World Heritage Sites. Whilst the preservation of historical sites and riches is of the upmost priority for the island, these efforts are in stark contrast with the unfortunate reality that a large part of its cultural heritage remains under Turkish occupation since July 1974, and has been subjected to severe damage. But when visiting Cyprus, you will never have to look far to find a piece of its history and culture, whether you want to discover more about the traditions of the island, or immerse yourself in its captivating past.
Cyprus nightlife is one of the best in Europe. With so many clubs,bars,beach bars and traditional taverns, you have many options for your night out in Cyprus.

Here are the best locations to go out in Cyprus:

  • Ayia Napa and Protaras squares - The best nightlife places in Cyprus and in top nightlife places of Europe - Around them you can find many clubs, bars, restaurants and taverns
  • Larnaka - Machenzie beach front, Phoinicoudes beach front - You can find many restaurants, clubs, beach bars and traditional taverns
  • Limassol - Marina, Enaerios square, Limassol beach front - You can find many restaurants, clubs, beach bars and traditional taverns
  • Nicosia - Ledras street, Makariou street, Egkomi area - You can find many restaurants, clubs, bars and traditional taverns
  • Paphos - Old harbour, Paphos beach front - You can find many restaurants, clubs, beach bars and traditional tavern