Flights to Athens (ATH)


The historical capital of Greece and Europe, the city that gave birth to democracy, the centre of education, arts and culture. At the same time modern and cosmopolitan, Athens is buzzing with life — ready to reveal its secrets to its visitors!

Book your flight to Athens with Cyprus Airways and discover magnificent archaeological treasures like Parthenon, world class museums like The New Acropolis Museum, galleries, beautiful local neighbourhoods, colourful markets and lively music festivals.

Flight No. Travel Period Days Origin Destination Dept. Time Arrival Time Aircraft
CY310 29/03 — 31/05/18 Mon, Thu Larnaca Athens 15:00 16:45 A319
CY311 29/03 — 31/05/18 Mon, Thu Athens Larnaca 17:45 19:20 A319
CY310 01/06 — 26/10/18 Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun Larnaca Athens 15:00 16:45 A319
CY311 01/06 — 26/10/18 Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun Athens Larnaca 17:45 19:20 A319
12+ years
From 2-12 years
Under 2 years

The Acropolis

Rising 490 meters above the sea level, on top of a hill overlooking Athens marvelous Acropolis contains some of the most well-known monuments from the ancient world; Parthenon dedicated to Goddess Athena, Propylaia — the monumental gateway to the Acropolis built of white Pentelic marble, Temple of Athena Nike, Erectheum — the ceremonies venue with the renowned Caryatid Porch at its south end.

The Acropolis Museum

Just 800 feet from the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum is undoubtedly one of the best museums in the world. The museum houses all of the surviving artefacts ever found on the Sacred Rock of the Athenian Acropolis.

National Archaeological Museum

One of the most important museums worldwide. It houses the finest antiquities from all over Greece, thus displaying their historical, cultural and artistic value.


The locals favourite district, located under the shade of Acropolis, between Syntagma and Monastiraki square. Plaka is the most authentic neighbourhood of Athens and here you can enjoy a pleasant stroll around the alleys to admire the ancient monuments like Lysikrates, the Roman Agora, the Tower of the Winds and Byzantine churches. Discover neoclassical houses with their well-kept gardens, souvenir shops selling traditional Greek products and numerous picturesque tavernas and cafes.


A meting point for tourists as well as locals. Located in the centre of the city, Monastiraki, is well known for its famous open-air market where you can buy literally buy anything! Discover vintage items shops, designers’ clothes cafes and restaurants.

National Garden and Zappeion

Just behind the Greek Parliament in Athens city centre you will find an amazing Park open to the public. Once called “Royal Garden”, as it was commissioned by Queen Amalia, this park is home to 7,000 trees, 40,000 bushes and other plants. An extension to the Park is the landmark building of Zappeion that currently operates as an exhibition and conferences centre.

Panathenaic Stadium

One of the most iconic monuments directly connected with Modern Olympic Games, from their revival in 1986 until the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. From this stadium the Olympic Flame is delevered to all Olympic Games, Summer, Winter and Youth.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

A brand new cultural hub in Athens which houses the National Library of Greece and Greek National Opera. Stavros Niarchos cultural centre also features a stunning park ideal for children as well as for adults to enjoy a pleasant walk, exercise or attend cultural events.