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ADM Policy

How to apply for a Ticketing Authority

To become an authorized agent to sell Cyprus Airways tickets through the local Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) , BSP travel agencies should follow the below procedure:

  • Download from, fill and save BSP Agent Profile
  • Send an email to CY's sales team at, the below information:
    • Subject Line: Request for Ticketing Authority, BSP country, using ISO code
    • Email body: BSP Country, Agency name, IATA number
    • Attachments1:
      • BSP Agent Profile
      • Scanned copy of IATA accreditation Certificate
      • Scanned copy of valid bank guarantee (s) or other financial security issued by Agency on behalf of IATA
      • Scanned copy of Agency’s Certificate of Incorporation

Cyprus Airways will grant ticketing authority as deems appropriate, and has the authority to revoke it should an agency not comply with all CY policies and procedures.

Should you have any questions, please email us

1 If your Agency requests for a ticketing authority after it has been reinstated from default by IATA, please submit your request on the letterhead and include IATA’s reinstatement confirmation letter, letter from your bank about technical error or any other evidence of innocence or settlement of the issue.