Hand luggage

Are there any restrictions on the number, weight and dimensions of a hand luggage?

Yes, there are such limits, they exist for the convenience of the passenger's accommodation on board, and for the flight safety.

In the check-in area, there are special sizes, installed to help passengers to check, whether their carry-on baggage is within the specified limits:

Cabin luggage: You can bring 1 small personal bag on board which must fit under the seat in front of you (35cm x 20cm x 20cm).
Examples include a handbag, laptop bag and a small backpack  + 1 Piece x 10 kg dimensions 55x40x20 cm is allowed for luggage. 

Any hand luggage exceeding the above-mentioned limits detected at the gate will be subject to charge 50EURO.

What will the airline do if I refuse to pay the excess fee for hand baggage which does not comply with the restrictions on weight or size?

If we discover at the gate that your hand baggage weighs more than 10kgs or exceeds the Carriers’ hand luggage dimensions you must pay the charge of €50. Your baggage will not be admitted for carriage in the cabin and will be carried as checked-in baggage. If you refuse to pay the excess fee we reserve the right not to carry you and/or your baggage. If you fail to cooperate we can exercise this right without the requirement to pay compensation.

Can I check in my luggage and my hand luggage via the website?

Unfortunately, no, luggage and hand luggage must be checked in at the airport at the ordinary check-in counters.

Can I take a baby stroller as a carry-on luggage?

The airline transports bassinets and car seats of any sizes in case of transportation of a child under 2 years and all baby strollers with a child under 11 years for free, in addition to free luggage allowance or in addition to carry-on luggage.

Bassinet of a folding baby stroller may be taken to the cabin, if its dimensions do not exceed 55х40х20cm. Please note that in order to carry such baby bassinets on board the aircraft, they have to be certified with a special safety label from FAA and JAA or according to the standards of FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards). Umbrella strollers are accepted as checked luggage.

A stroller without a child under 11 years old is transported in accordance with general terms and conditions.

What can I take on board with me as a hand luggage?

Apart from you cabin baggage you can take with you on board one small bag (handbag, laptop bag or briefcase).

We can not guarantee that your hand luggage will be travelling with you in the cabin area of the aircraft. If there are is no more storage left, we might take your bag into the hold free of charge. In this case we advise you to remove all valuables from the bag.