Delayed / damaged bag

My luggage has been damaged. What should I do?

In the case, you identify damage on your luggage you must report it at the Lost and Found office before your departure from the airport.

Cyprus Airways will not accept liability for damages due to Wear and Tear which includes and is not limited to:            

  • Small scratches and small Tears, minor cuts, dents, dirt, and stains
  • Damage due to over-packed baggage
  • Loss of items attached to the bag (external locks, mats, security straps)
  • Lost, broken or damaged handles

Also, we will not accept liability for damages due to manufacturing defects, unsuitable packing, damage which occurred as a result of the passenger actions, Items confiscated by airport authorities or security, or items accepted for transportation under the conditions of Limited Release Tag which applies for items of perishable and/or fragile nature or with pre-existing damage.

Following items should not be included in the checked baggage:


2.Computers, Cameras and Electronic Devices

3.Medications and/or Medical Equipment

4.Money/Credit Cards

5.Valuable Documents

Cyprus Airways is not liable for damaged (unless at fault), forgotten or lost personal items accidentally left behind on board the aircraft or at the airport. If you have left an item onboard, please contact the Lost and Found Department at your arrival airport.

My luggage has not arrived. What should I do?

If you cannot find your luggage on the carousel after arrival, please refer to the lost and found department, which is responsible for any issues regarding luggage.