Baggage allowance

What is outsized luggage and what is overweight luggage?

Baggage is outsized, if its dimensions in total exceed 203cm; baggage is heavy-weight, if its weight exceeds 32kg. The airline decides in each case individually, whether to transport such baggage or not; it depends on the aircraft type, storage capacity of the baggage hold, etc. Outsized and heavy-weight baggage shall be paid for additionally during the check-in, depending on the weight or dimensions.

You should file a claim, concerning the possibility of transportation of your baggage, through our Cyprus Airways Customer Contact Center on +357 24 00 00 53.

Can I pay for my outsized or overweight luggage online?

At the moment no, we do not offer this service.

What are the customs regulations regarding the transportation of goods?

For laws and regulations regarding Customs, we advise you to get in touch with the appropriate department at Larnaca Airport for more information.

What are the regulations regarding the transportation of liquids on board?

For the purpose of flight safety, the volume of liquids you can carry in your hand luggage is restricted to 5L per passenger with alcohol volume between 24%-70%. In your hand luggage, you can take liquids on board if the volume of their packaging is not larger than 100ml, and the total number of pieces not exceeding 10 per passenger.

How should my luggage be packed?

Each item must have intact packaging to ensure its safety during the flight and handling, and to eliminate the possibility of harm to passengers, crew, and third parties and damage to the aircraft, other baggage items, or other property.

Combining two or more items with individual packaging into one is not permitted.

Packaging which is damaged, or which contains sharp or protruding items, will not be accepted for transportation.

Is there anything that it is not advised to be transported in the checked-in luggage?

In your checked-in luggage, it is not advisable to transport fragile or perishable goods, currency notes, jewellery items, precious metals, computers, electronic communication devices, bonds, securities or other valuable business documents, passports, identity cards, keys, etc.

Can I access my checked-in luggage during the flight?

No. From the moment the luggage is checked-in until its collection at the destination airport, any access to the luggage is prohibited.

How do I collect my luggage after landing?

After leaving the airplane, follow the signs to the «Baggage Claim» area. Find your flight number on the information screens to find out which luggage carousel will have the luggage from your flight. Staff in the luggage claim area can answer questions concerning your luggage, including retrieving fragile objects, pets, prams and sporting equipment, etc.

What happens if I do not collect my luggage on time?

Luggage is stored at the destination airport free of charge for 2 days, including the day of arrival. After that period, the owner of the luggage is charged the applicable rate for storage.

If, through the fault of the airline, luggage is not delivered to the destination airport as scheduled, the passenger is not liable for storage charges.

Luggage is deemed unclaimed if it has not been collected within 6 months of its arrival. Unclaimed luggage is disposed of by the airline in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

When the ownership of the undocumented luggage has been established, a written notice is sent to the owner. The luggage is then stored at the destination airport for 6 months, after which is it deemed unclaimed and is subject to disposal.

Where can the first additional piece be purchased from?

First additional piece can be purchased before the flight at the airport or through the issuer of the ticket.

Can I trasnport liquids, purchased from the duty-free shops as a carry-on luggage on my connecting flight?

Liquids, purchased in Duty-Free shops at the departure airport, which were carried outside the controlled transfer area, can be admitted for transportation on board the aircraft only if they have the special safety seal from the Duty-Free shops.

Passengers can take liquids in their hand-luggage inside containers holding not more than 100ml, as long as they purchased them from the Duty-Free shops, and as long they have not been carried outside the controlled transfer area. If the passenger leaves the controlled transfer area, then he/she has to check-in the items in order to transport them.

Please note that the transportation of liquids exceeding 100ml is always on the discretion of the airport security authorities.

What is the first additional piece and who is eligible for it?

First additional piece is the first bag purchased by Basic Fare Passengers only.

Can I take a baby stroller as a carry-on luggage?

The airline transports bassinets and car seats of any sizes in case of transportation of a child under 2 years and all baby strollers with a child under 11 years for free, in addition to free luggage allowance or in addition to carry-on luggage.

Bassinet of a folding baby stroller may be taken to the cabin, if its dimensions do not exceed 55х40х20cm. Please note that in order to carry such baby bassinets on board the aircraft, they have to be certified with a special safety label from FAA and JAA or according to the standards of FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards). Umbrella strollers are accepted as checked luggage.

A stroller without a child under 11 years old is transported in accordance with general terms and conditions.