Special luggage

Can I travel with ski equipment or a snowboard?

Yes, one passenger can carry ski equipment for free (a pair of skis with ski poles or a snowboard) and additional equipment (boots, helmets, glasses, special clothing) in a cover with the total weight not exceeding 23kgs in addition to his/her luggage if travelling with flex fare ticket . If passenger travels with a basic fare ticket then the transportation is in accordance with the general terms and conditions of luggage transportation. If the total weight exceeds 23kgs (up to 32kgs) the passenger should pay for the excess overweight piece. The sum of the three dimensions (length-width-height) of one piece must not exceed 203cm.

A group of passengers can carry for free more than one pair of skis and more than one snowboard in one cover. The number of pairs of skis and snowboards cannot exceed the number of passengers in the group, at the same time the cover weight cannot exceed 23kgs. In this case the weight of transported equipment will be summarized. The total outside dimensions may not exceed 203cm (length + width + height).

Can I take a baby stroller as a carry-on luggage?

The airline transports bassinets and car seats of any sizes in case of transportation of a child under 2 years and all baby strollers with a child under 11 years for free, in addition to free luggage allowance or in addition to carry-on luggage.

Bassinet of a folding baby stroller may be taken to the cabin, if its dimensions do not exceed 55х40х20cm. Please note that in order to carry such baby bassinets on board the aircraft, they have to be certified with a special safety label from FAA and JAA or according to the standards of FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards). Umbrella strollers are accepted as checked luggage.

A stroller without a child under 11 years old is transported in accordance with general terms and conditions.