Travelling with children

At what age can children travel unaccompanied?

Children aged between 5 and 12 years old on the day of departure can travel without an accompanying adult. They may travel on direct flights (no connections) operated by cyprus airways only , by using cyprus airways unaccompanied minor service.

An escort for your child can be arranged by calling our contact center on 8000-8111 (Cyprus) with a cost of eur 50.00 charge per child per one way flight. Please download the unaccompanied minor form below and have it ready with you at the airport .

Service may be also provided to children of age between 12-16 upon parents request.

My child will be 12 years old on the departure date. What ticket shall i buy for him/her — “child” or “adult”?

You should buy an adult ticket: children aged 12 or more on the departure date are classed as “adults” in our booking system.

My child will be flying unaccompanied. What is the boarding procedure and who is responsible for my child during the flight and on arrival?

After the check-in process is complete, a cyprus airways employee will take your child to board the aircraft, placing them under the responsibility of a flight attendant.

Upon arrival at the destination airport, the flight attendant will place your child in the care of an airport employee, who in turn will take them to the person meeting them.

If that person does not give any notice of themselves in the arrivals area, the airport staff will attempt to find them; they may contact you for assistance. If all else fails, the child will be sent back to the airport of departure under the supervision of the airline staff.

My child will turn 2 during our trip. What ticket shall i buy for him/her – “infant” (under 2 years old) or “child” (2 years and more)?

A child’s ticket type depends by his/her age on the departure date. Therefore you should buy an «infant» ticket if your child will turn two during your trip.

I am travelling with a child under 2 and want him/her to have a seat of his/her own. Is it possible?

Your child would normally have an «infant» ticket due to his/her age (under 2 years old). An adult passenger can transport one infant without a separate seat (although a ticket for the infant must be issued).

It is possible to book infant with seat through our customer contact center on 8000-8111 (free within cyprus) but please have in mind that a child fare ticket will be issued for such case.

Kindly note that for the transportation of infant car seat into the cabin respective car seats should be certified with a special signage for security standards by faa , jaa and as per the safety standards of fmvss (federal motor vehicle safety standards).

What documents do I need to give my child when flying unaccompanied?

Air ticket for the child and document confirming payment for the service “transportation of the unaccompanied child”. You can apply for the service through our customer contact center on 8000-8111 (free within cyprus). The service cost is €50 per one flight segment.

A declaration for the transportation of an unaccompanied child, can be issued at the airport during the check-in process, in advance through an email attachment or through our website on The form should be signed by the child’s parents (adoptive parents, legal guardians, etc.).

The child’s identity document.

Can I buy a ticket for my child via the website if I have already bought a ticket for myself?

If the child is less than 12 years old then it is not possible . If the child is older than 12 years old then you may do so . In the first case you may do so through our  customer contact center on 8000-8111 (free within cyprus) where you will also be required to provide us with your details (or the details of the accompanying person): name, booking number and ticket number. The child will not be allowed to fly without the named accompanying person.