Allergen Sensitive Passengers Procedure

1.1 General information

Cyprus Airways is unable to guarantee a peanut and any other tree nut or allergen-free flight environment, nor can prevent other passengers from bringing peanuts/nuts or peanut/nut products onboard its flights. Additionally, we may serve other nut containing products or other foods that may cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, we strongly encourage passengers to take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure.

1.2 Onboard Announcements

NO ANNOUNCEMENTS will be made by crew onboard the aircraft in case passengers report that they are allergen sensitive during their reservation booking, during check-in process or at the departure gate. Cyprus Airways cannot guarantee compliance of the rest of the passengers on the flight. Upon request, an inflight crewmember may ask adjacent passengers to refrain from consuming any nut containing products. However, we cannot guarantee that passengers will comply with this request.