What is the difference between an electronic and a paper insurance policy?

The only difference is convenience in buying and receiving the policy. An electronic policy cannot be lost, and in case of further appeals to the insurance company, there is no need to present an original.

What does the Atlantic Insurance policy cover?

The policy covers incidents during your flight, and your baggage while it is in the carrier’s care. It also includes compensation in cases delay of scheduled flight for more than 4 hours or cancellation of one or more flights specified, resulting in the change of the date or time of the beginning of the transportation.

More information on the insurance conditions and the procedure for the settlement of claims, including the list of documents required, is included in the Insurance Rules.

How to contact the representatives of Atlantic Insurance?

By post: ATLANTIC INSURANCE CO. PUBLIC LTD, 15, Esperidon Street, 2001 Strovolos, P.O.Box 24579, 1301 Nicosia, Cyprus

By phone: + 357 22 886 000

By email:

Will I get a refund on the insurance policy if I cancel my trip?

If you apply for a full ticket refund, the associated insurance policy is terminated automatically, and Cyprus Airways will refund 100% of the insurance premium. (In this case, there are no additional documents; the policy is terminated on the grounds that the carriage agreement is terminated.) In the case of a partial ticket refund (for example, for just one flight), the insurance premium is not returned.

If you want to voluntarily terminate an insurance policy prior to the beginning of validity period of the insurance contract, you need to direct the request about cancellation of the contract of insurance to Cyprus Airways via form.

What happens to my insurance policy if I change my flight dates?

In case of voluntary or forced change of flight dates, as stated in the insurance agreement the following shall be taken into account:

  • If the ticket is exchanged before the first flight stated on the ticket, the Cyprus Airways Contact Centre can terminate the insurance policy at your request, with a 100% refund of the insurance premium.
  • If the change of dates is partial, and occurs after travel has started, the insurance agreement may not be reissued. If the travel duration is shortened, protection against all insurance risks remains valid in full.

My flight was delayed. How can be compensated for expenses?

Please contact the airline or the relevant airport authorities to obtain documents confirming the flight delay. This may take the form of a note of the actual flight time on a document (boarding pass, etc.), or a certificate confirming the flight delay (or the actual departure time).

You must notify Atlantic Insurance within 3 calendar days after your return, by phoning + 357 22 886 000 , or by emailing You must submit your application, along with identity document, document certifying the insured event, and e-ticket receipt within 30 calendar days.

More information on the insurance conditions and the procedure for the settlement of claims, including the list of documents required, is included in the Insurance Rules.

What should I do if my baggage is lost, damaged, or delayed?

You should promptly notify the relevant services of any baggage loss, damage, or a delay. These include the baggage tracing staff, who can be found near the baggage claim area, police representatives, or other services. You should file with them an application, and then receive a document certifying loss, damage, or delay of baggage. This may be a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), a certificate from a law enforcement body (e.g. the police), a general report, or another document certifying the event. The document must have details of the issuing organization and the date of issue. You must notify Atlantic Insurance), or + 357 22 886 000 (other countries), or email not later than 3 days after the baggage is lost.

Who is Atlantic Insurance?

The company is based in Cyprus and offers a wide scope of insurance products (personal and commercial lines) aiming to provide high quality of services to its clients, handling claims promptly and enhancing its customers experience. Atlantic Insurance Co. Ltd was established in 1983 and was listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange in October 2000. Since then, Atlantic Insurance has been established in the customers’ minds as a friendly, trustworthy and innovative insurance company, leading the Cypriot insurance market.

Indicative of the Group’s sound capital base is the Solvency II ratio of the Company which stood at 202,6% at 31 December 2018 versus the minimum regulatory level of 100%. The company’s solid capital base is evidenced also by the fact that the company has paid the largest claim in Cyprus to Electricity Authority of Cyprus, amounting to €132.500.000, following the catastrophic explosion in Mari, back in July 2011.


This is a basic policy intended to protect a passenger’s life and health, as well as their baggage/luggage, during the flight. The cover becomes effective right from the airport of departure.

  • luggage delay,
  • luggage loss or damage,
  • personal accident.

“Flight Plus”

This policy — perfect for tourists — is effective for the entire duration of a trip. As well as the general risks covered by the “Flight” policy, it also includes reimbursement for the

  • delay of a regular flight by 4 hours or more,
  • flight cancellation.