What are PromoCodes?

PromoCodes are a way to say thank you to our customers who choose to fly with us. Applying a PromoCode to our website when booking a flight will get you a discount (learn more in the PromoCodes Types section). You can increase your chances of getting a promocode by flying with us frequently and / or subscribing to our newsletter (learn more in the Where to Find a PromoCode section).

Where can I find a promocode?

We share PromoCodes on marketing promo campaigns pages, in our Social Media and in marketing letters we send to our subscribers. So, stay tuned!

Promocode types

There are the following types of promocodes:

  • Percent Discount or Fix Amount Discount
  • Fare Discount (taxes excluded) and/or on extra baggage and/or seat selection.
  • Some Promocodes could be used an unlimited number of times.
  • The validity of the Promotion Codes could be defined as a combination of booking date periods, flight date periods, number of adults, number of children, Fare origin and destination, etc.
  • The terms of each PromοCode will be described in the marketing letters and pages.

How to apply PromoCode?

You can apply a promotional code when selecting and booking your flight. The Add Promotion Code link is in the shopping cart block.

How to apply PromoCode?

Please note that if the PromoCode you want to use is valid not only for Fare Discount but also for the ancillaries (seats or/and baggage) it could be applied only after you add the selected ancillaries into the shopping cart.

How is the discount calculated?

If the discount applies to a flight fare, the discount applies only to an amount of the fare.

The Fare after applying the discount cannot be less than 1 euro.

If the fare is less than the discount amount, the fare will be reduced to 1 euro and the remaining discount amount could not be used in the future.