Pre-Order meal service now available on Cyprus Airways flights
Free non-alcoholic drink with every purchase!

You can now pre-order your meal for your upcoming trip and guarantee your preferred choice.

Simply, add your meal preference during the online booking process or later via the "Manage my Booking" feature on Service is also available for purchase through our Call Centre or your Travel Agent.

With every meal selection, we offer you a complimentary non-alcoholic drink, cold or hot.

Onboard Menu

Terms & Conditions
1.1 The service for pre-ordered on-board meal selection will be available on Cyprus Airways website, Cyprus Airways call center and Travel Agents.

1.2 The service is available up to 72 hours before scheduled departure.

1.3 The payment of the service will be per segment.

1.4 Only one service per person per flight is allowed.

1.5 The service can be offered only on CY operated flights.

1.6 Service is not provided to infants.

1.7 Pre-ordered on-board meals are available in place of the standard menu onboard. The composition of the dishes may vary depending on the direction of the flight and travel dates; however, the new products will not be characteristically different from the standard ones.

1.8 Cyprus Airways will not be considered accountable in the case that pre-ordered onboard meals are containing nuts or any other ingredient that may cause an allergic reaction.

1.9 Availability of specific options may vary depending on a route, travel dates etc


1.1 In case of a voluntary change in the terms of the air carriage agreement or voluntary carriage cancellation by the passenger, the funds paid for the service shall not be refunded. In case of changes of the tickets (flight/date) service will be rebooked to a new date.

1.2 Involuntary refund of the service cost for Pre-ordered on-board meals in case provision of the service is possible for the following reasons:

travel cancellation by the passenger in case of cancellation/timetable change/delay of the flight; and

travel cancellation by the passenger due to illness/death of the passenger (family member or close relative) provided that the Carrier is notified of the travel cancellation before the check-in is closed.

In case of failure to provide the pre-ordered onboard meals, the passenger should get in touch with CY call center at email in order to get refunded the amount paid for the service, to the same card that was used to pay for the order. A refund application shall be submitted not later than 1 month from the date of departure of the flight, for which the service had been booked.

The product may contain any of the allergen ingredients listed in the photo here