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Children Travelling alone
Booking information

Cyprus Airways allows children aged between 5 and 11 (12 its not reached) years old to travel without an accompanying adult by using the Cyprus Airways Unaccompanied Minor service. The service is only available on direct flights (no connections) operated by Cyprus Airways only.

The service may be also provided to children of age between 12-16 upon parental request. Please, note that the service is not available for children under the age of 5.

Unaccompanied Minor Service is only available for booking through our Customer Contact Centre on +357 24 00 00 53. You will be required to provide us with the details of the person who will be accompanying the child to the departure airport, and of the person picking up the child at the arrival airport. Proof of identity for the departure and arrival escort will be required before accepting the child into our care and before handing over the child. The child will not be allowed to fly without this information.

For flights operated by a partner airline, passengers must liaise with that partner airline directly as they may apply different charges, age limits and regulations.

Please check full Terms and Conditions for this service.

Declaration of Parent or Guardian Form

The "Declaration of Parent or Guardian" form shall be filled using the correct details of the person accompanying the child to the departure airport, and of the person picking up the child at the arrival airport. The form should be signed by the child's parents (adoptive parents, legal guardians, etc.).

A declaration for the transportation of an unaccompanied child, can be issued at the airport during the check-in process, in advance through an email attachment.
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Check-in, On the flight and Arrival Information

The unaccompanied minor shall arrive at the airport with the departure escort, at least one hour before the flight's time of departure and the person who accompanies the child to check-in must stay at the airport until 15 minutes after the child's flight has departed.

The adult signing the declaration form is responsible for ensuring that the child travelling alone has a valid passport and is in possession of the necessary visas and other entry documentation required for the journey.

After the check-in process is complete, a Cyprus Airways representative will take your child to board the aircraft, placing them under the responsibility of a flight attendant.

Upon arrival at the destination airport, the flight attendant will place your child in the care of a Cyprus Airways representative, who in turn will take them to the person meeting them. The person picking up the child at the arrival airport must be the same as the one stated on the "Declaration of Parent or Guardian" form and proof of identity will be required.

If that person does not give any notice of themselves in the arrivals area, the airport staff will attempt to find them; they may contact you for assistance. If all else fails, the child will be sent back to the airport of departure under the supervision of the airline staff.